Orient Bambino 3 Review

The Orient Bambino 3 is one of the watches that will cost you just a little and yet deliver so much. It has the looks and feel of a premium watch but its price has nothing premium about it. For the time this watch has been available, we have been putting it to the test with the results being very impressive. We went out to do a review of this watch and here is what we found.

The Strap

The strap has been our starting point given that it has beaten many other straps in its class. A closer look reveals that it cannot come apart with ease as other straps made of leather would do. Even during our tests, we proved that it is worth its name and the price may lie to you into thinking it is a cheap item but it is far from that. You will go for ages without changing it.


This watch is equipped with the Orient Caliber 48734 that is essentially a 21 jewel automatic movement mechanism. The beauty about this mechanism is that you will not need a battery to use the watch. Rather, it uses your swinging movements during the time it is on your arm to wind itself. If you think it would go off during the night when you are not moving, then be sure it will be not as it can go for 40 hours without a charge.


The dial was our favorite part of the watch. It has been crafted with the focus and precision only seen in very premium watches. You see the hands and everything on it with ease. There are no numbers on the face of the watch besides the date which is on the left just like the convention is. The hands are made into rectangular shapes which are easy to see and read the time with.

Crystal and Case

Without the crown, the case measures 40.5 mm and is made of stainless steel. It has a width of 21 mm and a depth of 11.8 mm. The Orient Bambino 3 has a crystal glass dome which protects the face against scratches and other accidents which you will get yourself into. For these reasons, getting the Orient Bambino 3 should be an easy decision to make for anyone in need of a watch which is reliable, light in weight and affordable.