Seiko SKX007 Watch Review

For those that enjoy the slick feel of a quality made watch without giving up the fashion appeal, the wear and tear, the comfortable price that you spend on it, or the bragging rights that come from looking great, you’re in for a treat.

The Seiko SKX007 watch.

This is one that has been out for a few years now, but it’s still well-received and holding its own against all of the newer models.  That’s why it’s so highly regarded on /r/watches for being one of the best watches under 500.  Take a look at it and all of its perks, and see if this is the right watch for your lifestyle.


If you aren’t a watch enthusiast – like a lot of us – you’ll take a look at the design of this watch and think, it’s just another diver. A person with a small wrist might even say it’s bulky.  You’re right, it’s not really slim like a vintage dress watch, and yet it’s not as bulky as some of the monster G Shocks available. But that’s what makes it so incredible. This is a great value watch and it still looks and feels like a quality watch: it’s professional, it’s got good weight on the wrist, so that you know it’s dependable and I could go on all day about it.

Additionally, when you take a look at it sitting on your wrist, or on someone else’s wrist, it looks good.  Like really good. Its face is easy to read, the numbers and clear and crisp against the background, and it’s the perfect blend of sporty and trendy.

This is a watch that you could buy for someone who likes to look good in their business life, but go out there with a drill and hammer on the weekend and get some work done.  It easily changes lifestyles and will keep on ticking in style on your wrist no matter what situation that you are in. The point in all this? It’s a great fashion appeal.


So, you’re looking at the watch, the price, and now you’re seriously considering it.  After all, if you are someone who is a avid watch collector, you would have already known that this is a great investment, but if you are someone who simply wants to have an affordable watch that is going to last you many years, you may still have some questions to that need answering.  That’s understandable.

For $150 or so, you’re going to get a stainless steel watch, complimented by Hardlex lens for quality protection, water resistance of up to 200m, and a Lumibrite illumination option so that you never have to squint in the dark again.  That’s a lot for a price tag of under $200, you have to admit. The watch measures up to be 42.5 x 46mm with a thickness of 13.25 mm, so it’ll sit on your wrist nicely, even if a lot of the watches out there don’t fit so nicely.

So, you have a quality made watch that looks and feels great and is going to keep you satisfied and in style for years with this wise investment: is that worth the price tag for you?  You may be steered in another direction if you are still new to the world of quality watches, but you need to remember that this is rugged enough to be worn everyday. You won’t have to be satisfied with cheap watches for your day to day life and then upgrade to fancy ones when you go out on the town.  This is the best of both worlds, so for the quality lover on the go, this is certainly worth the $150 that you’ll spend to make it your own.


If you’re, on the other hand, a professional watch collector, or just someone who knows a lot about them and is looking to figure out whether it is worth the investment to add it to your collection, look at it using the specs above.  You’re getting a watch that is heavy duty, perfect for everyday use, can be dressed up, has a quality illumination face, and a water resistance up to 200m all in one watch with a price tag in 3 digits. You’ll have to admit that it’s not often that you find all that many investments tied up in a neat bow like that, correct?  Maybe it’s not right for you, for some reason, but it’s sure to make someone in your life happy, be it a fellow watch collector, or a loved one that you need to find something special for in the future.

Its rightful place is with someone who appreciates it for its beauty and its quality construction, and with someone who is going to wear it everyday and still look good.  It’s meant for customers of all sizes and shapes with a comfortable strap and small face to make sure that no one misses out on classy style.


You’ve read a lot about this Seiko SKX007, but the bottom line that you need to remember is that everyone’s wants are different.  If you’re not sure whether it is a good fit for you or not, that’s okay. All you have to do is look around at the different models in Seiko’s catalogue and see that this is still a crowd favourite years after its release.  It’s impressive, hands down. So, do your pro and con list, crunch some numbers, and figure out whether this classy and rugged watch is the perfect fit for you. All in all, I got a great deal on Amazon, and there is currently a sale: